We believe our employees are our greatest asset. As such, we treat all employees with respect and appreciation for their contributions to the company. We believe not only in providing ongoing training, but also rewarding outstanding effort and results through bonus and commission programs.

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Job Title: Internet Sales Specialist
Job Location: Memphis, TN
Employment Status: Full-time
Salary: $30,000 - $92,000

Position Summary:
As a member of the Internet Sales team, you are always reaching for ambitious and innovative performance goals. Your interest in sales and the digital economy, along with your entrepreneurial drive, allows you to educate and support new customers throughout their buying experience. Using your influence, relationship building skills, and empathetic nature you are able to provide customers with an individualized experience based on their unique wants and needs.
Throughout your career as an Internet Sales Specialist, you will continuously develop your knowledge of the available stock, vehicle specifications, performance, and selling strategies. You will also be provided opportunities to develop and update the website, using your creativity and understanding of our products and customers to create new promotions and advertisements.

  • Updating the website and collaborating with our webmaster to create new promotions and   advertisements.
  • Managing sale leads and building relationships with new clients through expert and professional responses to their questions and concerns.
  • Supporting clients through their buying process by scheduling appointments, scheduling vehicle delivery, and discussing terms of sale including vehicle operating features, warranty, and additional paperwork.
  • Discussing/reviewing sales and clients with team members and dealership management.
  • Using innovative business and marketing techniques to achieve goals aimed at increasing overall vehicle sales and broadening the customer base.
 Preferred Qualifications:
  • BA/BS degree or equivalent practical experience.
  • Business background.
  • Experience or interest in sales, customer support, and marketing.
  • Excellent computer skills and Internet savvy.
  • Ability to multitask and manage multiple projects/customers at the same time while paying strict attention to detail.
  • Strong communication and people skills.
 Minimum Qualifications:
  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Valid state sale license (requirement dependent on the specific position and dealership).
 Career Path:

Internet Sales Specialists' have the potential to advance into Managerial Sales positions.

Salary Range:

 The average annual earnings of an Internet Sales Specialist ranges from approximately $30,000 to $92,000.


Benefits vary by employer. However, most dealerships offer health insurance, retirement plans, and additional benefit options. Talk with the human resource manager at the dealership you're applying to about available benefit packages.
Jim Keras Automotive - "What it takes to be a successful salesman"

  • The first point to consider is the definition of "sales" or "salesperson".
  • The definition of sales at Jim Keras Automotive, and the employees "IS":
  1. Caring about other people. By caring, good salespeople ask questions and then listen to find out what is important to the people they want to serve. By caring, good salespeople are friendly, empathetic, and continually strive to find new ways to help other people by satisfying their needs or wants.
  2. Good salespeople become friends with their customers and make sure they completely understand everything before they spend any money so they are 100% satisfied and happy with their purchase now and later. That means honesty is absolutely necessary to be a good salesperson.
  3. A successful salesperson convinces their customers they care more about them than the deal - and then follow up in an appropriate manner to prove they care more about the customer as a person than the deal. A successful Salesperson is a true friend and really does like and even 'love' their customers, and continues to prove it every chance he / she gets.
The definition of a salesperson is "NOT":
  1. High pressure.
  2. Intimidation tactics.
  3. Talking someone into doing something they don't want to do.
  4. Using deception or deceit to make a sale (a whatever it takes even if it is wrong mentality).
  • If you have the ability to identify a need in somebody's life and find pleasure in meeting that need to solve that person's problem, then you are naturally a salesperson by our definition because you care.
  • This is the "only" type of salesperson our employers are looking for to fill key positions in their Sales, Internet, and Finance departments. We want to help everyone who has this desire, even if they haven't yet developed these skills of caring for others because the skills can be learned if the desire and "heart" is there.
  • Also, there is no pressure in sales as long as a salesperson has customers to talk to and a good product to sell if the salesperson understands that every person makes their own decision about what they want to buy and what they want to pay. It is not the salesperson's job to talk anyone into anything. It is simply the salesperson's job to convince every customer that they care more about the customer than the deal, and then help each customer identify what their need is and help each customer receive all the information necessary to make an intelligent decision based on accurate information.
  • If you can see yourself being a good friend to others because you genuinely care about people and like helping others, then we believe you would be a perfect candidate and make a very good living as a sales and leasing associate, internet sales specialist, or finance and insurance manager for a retail automotive, RV, or motorcycle dealership. All three of these careers require someone who is an effective "salesperson" and that skill (of really caring and being a true friend) is the greatest determining factor in the pay someone earns in any of these three careers.